Marginalia tragica I


Textual and Exegetical Notes on 10 Texts. — Soph. T: 85 νίκας δὲ σχών is read instead of νίκας δ’ ἔχων. — Eur. Fr. 282, 15: Nil mutandum. — Kritias 43 F 2: ὀργῆς ἁπάσης ἐστὶ φάρμακον χρόνος is suggested in the place of ὁ χρόνος ἁπάσης ἐστὶν ὀργῆς φάρμακον. — Patrocles 58 F 1: Numerous parallels confirm the rightness of the opinion expressed in “Tragica II” (ZPE 75 [1988] 4). — Theodectes 72 F 1a: In those lines, whose language appears to have a Platonic colouring, Theodectes diverges significantly from his obvious Euripidean model. — Adesp *13a: Delendum. — Adesp. 271: A conjecture on the precise sense of ἀλαζών in the specific context. — Adesp. 297: Eventually, these lines relate to a confrontation between Hermione and Andromache. — Adesp. 617, 4: Instead of ἄπλατος read ἄπλατον. — Adesp. 665, 11: Read with Medda τὸ μὲν (μὴ pap.) θέλειν κτλ.